CTO on Software: A Business Advantage

Johnny Withers, CTO
eSoftware Solutions, Inc.
May 2, 2016

If we ask businesses what they think the expression “software” means, most likely they will say it is about running devices, transactions, tabs-and-clicks or servers. We could not disagree more.

Having #GreatSoftware is a huge opportunity for every business to perform better than competitors and generate more revenue.

With fast and business-savvy software, businesses can lower expenses, provide a faster, higher value service to its clients and manage their business as owner/leaders more profitably.

Why do 90% of businesses see software as only a necessary expense and not a business advantage opportunity?

Our role is to reframe this thinking with sound strategy and exceptional performance.

Great software is much more than transactions. Here are a few thoughts:

  • With great software, we help clients get a competitive edge with the business thinking that is built into software and manifested through the latest technology.
  • The universal software truth: All customers want easy to manage and powerful software to successfully (and profitably) manage complexities.
  • Our job is to show prospects and clients how it also gives them a service, competitive and bottom-line advantage when the software is great.

Your software is too important to be mediocre. Your business is too important. Get great.

get great2

Software for licensing, financial, and compliance
Johnny Withers is the Chief Technical Officer for eSoftware Solutions, Inc. Hear him talk more – video here. eSoftware Solutions is a software leader in segments that serve the financial, government and business markets with three products: eCash, eLicense and eCompliant software and is an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company in America for 2015, a three-time honoree.

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