Help for your compliance program: Thought Leadership eBooks & Assessment

By Jennifer Tabb
Vice President, Customer Relations
eSoftware Solutions, Inc.
April 25, 2016

There is good reading out there to help you with your compliance issues on Compliance Week. This website and organization is an information service on corporate governance, risk and compliance that features weekly electronic newsletters, a monthly print magazine, proprietary databases, industry-leading events, and a variety of interactive features and forums.

I want to share this resource with you! Here are a few e-Books you can download. Check this out:

e-Book: Ensuring confidence in your ethics training program

e-Book: Playing the game of third-party risk

e-Book: Modern Perspectives on Financial Disclosure

e-Book: Keeping your Corporate Data Safe Under Lock and Key

e-Book: Purging Vendor IT Risk

e-Book: Monitoring Employee Conduct

e-Book: Corporate Policy Management: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Not only do you have to “work” your compliance software each day and week, but these days you have to be reading to keep up with the changes and new practices.

And to make sure you have the software you need, you can take a FREE assessment here – take it online or download the pdf. It’s quick and convenient. Use it as a tool to convince your boss about your needs and get your team talking about internal improvements.

Compliance Online

Keep up the good work. Your company really needs you!


Jennifer Tabb is the Vice President for Customer Relations at eSoftware Solutions, Inc., working with a national clientele for eCompliant Software and other products. Since 2007, eSoftware Solutions serves  financial institutions, government agencies and businesses and is an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company in America for 2015, a three-time honoree.

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