Licensing Professionals: Breaking Up with Excel

By Ben Kapner
Customer Relations
June 15, 2016

They say that breaking up is hard to do, especially with such a wonderful mate that is Excel. It is the spreadsheet that we have come to know and love. It adds, sorts, notates, organizes and collects our databases. But for licensing Boards in states and government, let’s face it, you need more.

Software built for your state’s Professional Board is on another higher level. In short, it makes quick automated-work of all of the tasks that you do in Excel or in any other Office tool, for that matter.

To name a few:

  • Single database processing in real time.
  • Portals connected to the software for verification, renewals, payments, information edits, document retrieval, application processing, printing and more
  • Automated tasks
  • Customizable and beautiful reports
  • Automated and effortless printing
  • Compliance information integrated to keep up with audits, inspections, cases and more.
  • And, speaking of integration, software easily integrates with your state’s back office for fee collection.

At the grassroots of the Excel love affair is the idea of control. The user can manipulate data down to the single cell, organize at will, format as they prefer. Total freedom. Having this “freedom” is reassuring. I understand.

The apparent trade off is minimized with software that is easy to manipulate. You should have software with fields you can change and one that has the ability to add custom items without it being a major IT project. You should be able to build custom reports each time you need a report with only a few clicks – again, without an IT programmer change request.

heart excel2

Ending a love affair for a better mate can be hard. We don’t like change. But I am hoping you can see a bright new software future – powerful, automated and intuitive functions that actually make your job much easier.

In conclusion I offer this: Let’s keep our Office tools close for “tasks” that are vital and silo in scope. But these tools are not integrated systems that can automate complex licensing responsibilities that are important to public health, welfare and safety. It’s time to break up.

Ben Kapner
Customer Relations and a good guy to talk to on the phone


Ben Kapner is a Customer Relations Representative for eSoftware Solutions, Inc. coordinating lead generation and sales for eLicense Software. Since 2007, eSoftware Solutions is serving a national client base of financial institutions, government agencies and businesses and is an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company in America for 2015, a three-time honoree.

Kapner is expert in managing professional relationships across all industries and at all levels. He comes to eSoftware Solutions from where he was an Account Executive focusing on new account generation and long-term growth strategies.

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