We call it account“e”bility for a reason. Compliance is a critically important area. Being accountable to policies & procedures and regulations is essential for your company. What’s more, we want you to have the reports and tracking that exactly fits you. Customizing these areas is a breeze. Take a look at these then a closer look by scheduling a demo.

Monitor and add company Policies & Procedures here. Your Board of Directors and Compliance Officers are also easily accessed from this company screen.

You won’t miss a single update! We’ve set up 15 areas as a start for you:

ADA Americans with Disabilities Act General Compliance Audit
ECOA Equal Credit Opportunity Act General Consumer Complaint Response
EFTA Electronic Fund Transfer Act Military Issues
General Compliance Audit Monitoring & Corrective Action
Information Security Red Flags
TCPA Telephone Consumer Act Third Party Service Providers
TILA Truth In Lending Act Training
UADAAP Unfair, Deceptive and Abusive Ats and Practices

Pulling reports should be easy. You should have choices. You also want the reports to build instantly. We agree! Reports are divided into the 10 categories listed below but, if you want something different, customizing reports for you is our pleasure.

Employees Policies
Cases Exams
Complaints Training
Tasks Monitoring
Users Audits

Let us click you through these reports during a demo just for you.

Compliance software for business

Digging through data can be a big task and overwhelming. Select what you are looking for in report screens that are easy to understand and manage.

Compliance software for business