Software for licensing, financial, and compliance

CUSTOM SOFTWARE, by its very nature, means that you are entrusting us with your business – your data, your customers, your processes. That is why picking a superb software company is so critical to your business success.

What makes software valuable to you? It is valuable if it makes a difference in your business life. With custom software you fully expect to get expertise that will uniquely fulfill your needs at a very high level. We couldn’t agree more.

And with a custom software company selection process, comes a custom conversation. 

One that is in-depth and builds a relationship of understanding. Meet the CEO? The CTO? You wouldn’t dream of having it any other way. Neither would we.


BUSINESS EXPERTISE is what you should get with a great software company.

Having the business acumen to best design, implement and train productive workflow means you have a company with leaders that understand how to run a business – your business.

Great coding is one thing. Great business people around your table means everything, especially when it comes to custom software.

Software for licensing, financial, and compliance
Software for licensing, financial, and compliance


TECHNICAL EXPERTISE is a “given” these days for a software company. We make two distinctions:


Custom software builds need technical experience with expertise. It is the kind of experience you only get with high-level technical leadership and a team of exceptionally talented and committed programmers.


We are located in the USA. We do not outsource pieces and parts. Any part. We are hands-on in understanding the challenges of our customers and addressing them with speed and confidence.


INNOVATIVE EXPERTISE is what each of our clients expect and what we deliver.

No templates here, well, unless we custom design a suite of them for your needs.

This isn’t cookie cutter. This can’t be off-the-shelf. Custom software deserves – and gets – the newest thinking applied to each customer, business, or situation. It shouldn’t be any other way.

Software for licensing, financial, and compliance
Software for small, medium or large business


A Note about Custom Software from our Founders

Software design is not about design.

Software design is about understanding business and culture. Our approach is this: We understand business in a way to engage and solicit input from the people we design software for.

What makes software valuable to you? Is it ROI? We believe that software is critically valuable to a company if it makes a difference in your business life.

Ideas are Easy. Strategy is hard. 

We are different from competitors. We know that strategic design is a game-changer. Believe us, this is not “me-to” design.

Our bottom line: The smarter we are about you, the more powerful our software solutions work.