We call it custom“e”bility for a reason. Being able to customize fields, sections, reports and more is one of the three essential elements of our successful software philosophy.

The Set Up screen is where you go, “Wow, I get to set things up in the way I actually want to work!” Exactly. This screen is the place where you will begin that process and come back to keep your workflow flowing.

Licensing software for government agencies

Pulling reports should be easy. You should have choices. You also want the reports to build instantly. We agree! The eLicense reports are from one centralized database. No waiting for “batches” to run here. Web-based technology gives you all the power and flexibility you need in reporting.

Licensing software for government agencies

Sure, you want some reports to become your “standard” and go-to reports. But what if you get a specific request from a legislator? No problem. Our build a report screen is just that – where every report is a custom report. Go through the list, click what your want and build your report, fast. It’s your information and you should get it like you need it.

Licensing software for government agencies
Licensing software for government agencies

This is a new pharmacist license screen, as an example. Some important things to note: You can designate your numbering system just like you want it (no shoe-horning here). Also, the fees, the checklist and all the items are set up by you.