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That is Customized for Boards of Pharmacy

Software for licensing, financial, and compliance

“Simplicity. I like the way I can look at the home screen and get to exactly what I need. It is a data-entry person’s dream come true.”

In 2012, the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy was operating the same way it had been for the past 20 years with paper and manual processes. When the project was brought to eSoftware Solutions the first decisions were clear:


  1. The solution needed to be exactly tailored for licensing not shoe-horned into other programs for other agencies or businesses.
  2. This agency needed the most current technology to replace old legacy systems. A single database and intuitive functioning were a given. Using a web-based platform brought the critical ability to continue to customize over time as needs grow and shift.
  3. Close collaboration on a detail-specific, everyday workflow level was the only way to get the best results for this licensing agency.

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Software for licensing, financial, and compliance


  1. The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy licenses approximately 10,000 pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and students.
  2. And MS licenses another 500 pharmacy and facility permits across the state.
  3. Going paperless was a goal from the start and is being realized through a portal approach.

The MS portals are:

License Verification

License Renewal


"We share our story with other Boards of Pharmacy because eLicense has made a commitment to us and to our continuing success in licensing.”

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